Thursday, 25 March 2010

Gothic Transformations

Some of my colleagues are organising a conference to commemorate Bram Stoker and, more widely, to engage in the notion of ‘Gothic transformations’
If any of you are interested in the Gothic, then this’ll be a great conference – it’s located in Scarborough (where the University of Hull has one of its campuses) which is a beautiful sea-side town with spectacular cliffs, two gorgeous bays, and was home to Edith Sitwell as well as currently being Alan Ayckbourne’s residence with his Stephen Joseph Theatre being one of the best theatres outside London. And the conference is also going to have events in Whitby: scene, of course, of Dracula’s arrival in England.

By the time of the conference I’ll have long left Scarborough (where I’ve lived for 16 years) and will no longer work for the University of Hull (I’m off to Kingston in London) so I am not advertising this with any personal gain in mind – but it looks like it’ll be a fabulous event. Interestingly, also in Kingston will be Fred Botting, king of the Gothic so I guess he’ll be there. I certainly hope to be...

It’s two years away – start saving up and we can meet in Blighty!

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