Wednesday, 24 March 2010

On writing the wrong thing

So, there's marking to be done - obviously; and I am in the midst of the longest period of inacativity on my Joss Whedon book; there'a an article on Lyotard to be researched and written; just heard that David Lavery's Finale book is a go, so there'll be that too, as well as the Firefly article for Rhonda Wilcox; and then the small matter of my paper with the astonishing Nikki Stafford at the forthcoming Whedon conference

And I'm starting a blog instead...

Some may call it displacement activity; others may not give a hoot. I'm not sure where I stand on that one. But at least it gets me writing and makes my inactivity a public shame, thus forcing me to get my middle-aged over-sized backside in gear.

Although public shame with no public is either not shame, or is a version of self-induced self-loathing of such theologically complex structure that I cannot quite comprehend. So, no readers will lead to no shame? Or worse shame - the shame of not writing the right thing AND the shame of the wrong thing not being read. No-one told me this blogging lark was so vertiginous.

Here's hoping for some answers. or at least some questions. Or something.


  1. Woohoo, first comment!! I am SO THRILLED you've finally listened to me and started a blog, Monsieur Pateman. I can't wait to read what you have to say. Welcome to the world of productive procrastination. :)

  2. Lyotard? So have you posited all television is but islands of knowledge? And how clearly so, considering no Grand Narratives, but money/capital is the glue that binds it all together, that elevates one show above another, and confirms for the viewer that what he or she is watching is hip, cool, must see. How sad, when we consider audiences are constructed, sold to advertisers, channels and cable. Wherein all of this is there any control for the viewer who is simply wanting to be entertained? So for your next essay, consider "entertainment: knowledges or simulacrum?" Welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. That's okay. The world of blogging will soon take over whatever academic ties you have, and you'll begin to wonder what all the pressure about deadlines is all about. I've heard good things from Nikki and from people who met you at the 2008 Slayage (Ginny Grant and Jennifer Butler), so I am excited that Nikki linked to your new blog.

  4. Yippee, skippee! I am the first 'follower'! Nikki Stafford suggested all her followers to come here & I thought I would do that to support you! Can't wait to come here on a regular basis & read what you have to say!
    Congrats & good luck!!!

  5. Wow - I think I have to thank Nikki for sending people over my way! Thanks Nikki!

    Fred - Lyotard has little to say about TV, I think. He attended a special conference in 1984 (How old??) at the ICA where he lamented television and expressed his doubts about any kind of political or ideological efficacy. The Grand Narrative stuff does not directly link in to any aesthetic evaluation but that has not stopped me using his work in contextual ways in analyses of Buffy (I can see Nikki rolling her eyes and saying : stop with the jargon!). That said, I LOVE your essay suggestion... it may just end up on a Masters module at some point!

    Professor Beej - that's very kindof Ginny and Jennifer. I thought their papers at the last conference were excellent. Indeed, when I get round to actually writing the bloody Whedon book, Ginny's paper is referenced (Jennifer's may well be too, but Ginny's is certainly there).

    LoyallyLOST - very many thanks! That's lovely! I think this could be a fun undertaking.

    Do any of you guys have blogs I should be looking at?

  6. Looks like you have a public, therefore we can now call it public shame.

    You're welcome!

  7. Yeah! Another blog to follow! Off I go to lurk until you post something else...

  8. Let's all sing, kids! "And my friends are your friends and your friends are my friends!" :)

    See? It's not so bad to have minions after all, is it, Professor Jargon? ;)

  9. Behold the power of minions! :)

  10. Props to Prof P! Any relation to P. Diddy? Diddy Warbucks? War & Peace? No? Bon Voyage on your maiden internet voyage, sir. Sail on, sailor!

  11. Thanks to all of you for this initial support!

    Humanbean - ha: no such esteemed p-related relations, I'm afraid!
    Nikki - your power is legendary.
    Benny - the shame builds, oh how it builds!!
    Sonshine - welcome... where are you lurking??Teebore - it's awesome... truly awesome!